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Automobile Industry

Engineering adhesives are widely used in automotive engines, from the cover to the inside.

luoke wide range of adhesive products for use in the engine body - the oil pan mounting bolts locking, bowl plug (plug-chip) seal, oil drain plug sealing, casting defect repair such as bonding adhesives. In the automotive water pump system also makes use of many adhesives - such as flat seals, bearings retaining, key holding, plug seal, die-cast aluminum parts, etc. impregnated porous leakage Locke engineering adhesives have been used in a multi-country famous car manufacturer, provides a very competitive price to enjoy high-quality cutting-edge innovation capacity.

Typical Applications: 
• structural bonding between driveshaft and chassis 
• Sealed heat exchanger tubes 
• rod - crank - Flywheel - Flywheel 
• gearbox and the oil pan cover gasket 
• electronics and LED potting and sealing 
• threads and bolts, pins and bearings 
• used in sensor

Fire Protection Equipment

Leakage in automatic sprinkler system can bring costly damage to ceilings, floors, furniture and other valuables. Luoke metal pipe sealants have excellent performance in avoiding leakage.

Typical Applications:

 • metallic pipe joint sealing 
• sealing in welding 
• sealing spray head


Locke metal pipe sealant using anaerobic technology in the sprinkler system to prevent leakage. Used in the manufacture and installation, Locke metal pipe sealant to replace the traditional flax, white paint, with raw material to prevent leaks, 

• 100% safe and reliable seal. 
• Improve efficiency by 50% 
• 100% leak-free seal, even if the pipe threads are not fully in place 
• solve the traditional sealing material ineffective, repeat the installation costs 
• Seal cut threaded joints 
• Open the bottle does not dry, volatile 
• prevent corrosion 
• easy disassembly with hand tools 
 After luoke metal pipe sealant cures to a flexible polymer, with excellent resistance to vibration and leakage.  

Locke metal Putty for repairing and sealing cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum and other alloys casting porosity, blisters, cracks and other defects. 
Mostly because of the casting process, the foundry industry will inevitably be holes, sand holes, loose, cracks and other defects, resulting in product obsolescence serious, irreversible damage to the enterprise. And equipment in the long run the service, may result in damage to the shaft, and insufficient lubrication of bearing wear. Traditional methods commonly used welding process in order to achieve the restoration, but the road will enhance part surface at very high temperatures, so that part deformation or cracks, the size of processing achieved will be very prolonged downtime, Locke metal Putty solve the above problem, patch products is easy and practical.

Typical Applications:
• Wear-level maintenance: shafts, wheels, bearing, keyway wear and so on. 
• scratch the panel surface level maintenance, pipelines, tank surface, roll scratch berth. 
• adheres to the hard surface of the metal; high strength 
• Excellent resistance to high temperature 
• Simple operation 
• Curing no shrinkage 
• corrosion and erosion 
• Color consistency can be repaired 
• good machinability abrasion

Locke adhesive in an extremely wide range of valve using thread locking and sealing, flat seal bonding, 
Fuel pump seals, mechanical seals pre-coated surfaces, etc. 
Features, advantages 
• Reduce noise and maintain optimum fuel consumption 
• security seal 
• prevent vibration, corrosion 
• Environmental 
• noncombustible 
• excellent resistance to water, oil, fuel and other chemicals

After the capacitor production slitting, winding shape after gluing, sealing is the key, Locke appeared capacitor special sealant, thoroughly resolved, seal leakage problems 
• Cold-rolled joints sealed 
• filter edge 
• do not mix, 
• Room temperature curing 
• pass rate 
• Valves

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